Ariel Photography and Video
Wildlife Photography
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What We Do
Ariel Photography and Videography from a drone
Wildlife Photography
Using our ultra sophisticated drone equipped with 4K camera system we take superior ariel photo's and video.
Using our post production facilities we can enhance and manipulate photo's and video's to suit our clients' needs.
Whether it's one photo, a slide show of photo's or a full length video we can get you the shot's you want.
Services available:
​Real Estate
Inspection Services (Buildings, Roofs, Cell Towers, Windmills)
Agriculture Crop Analysis
Construction Site Surveys
Special events (Weddings, Sporting Events)
Search and Rescue
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Our Services
We offer a varity of ariel photo and video services customized to our clients needs
  1. Pictures
    For the real estate agent or property owner that would just like a few pictures of their home, property or estate.
  2. Slide Show
    Take those pictures and put them together in a slide show with music. Watch on your PC, Laptop, TV, Tablet or Phone.
  3. Video
    High Definition video with music, transitions, comments and special effects, customized to your style and preference.